A special thank you to all 52 of our 2014 – 2015 Challengers

Marilyn Altman
Lisa and Page Aspinwall
Melissa and Chris Baker
Sherri and Bill Boucher
Diane and Adam Cabibi
Marcia and Robert Catterall
Jenny and Bob Chapin
Maria and Steve Chininis
Christmas in the Corners
Maria and Brad Day
Debbie and Darryl Dykes
Beth and Drew Findling
Kirsten and Kevin Godleski
Amber and Weare Gratwick
Elizabeth and Paul Gross
Sara and Craig Hall
Stephanie and Tye Hanna
Sherry and Mark Harrell
Cindy and Wade Hatcher
Yolanda and Kevin Henderson
Rinda and Eric Illustrisimo
Kim and Mike Janis
Elizabeth and Art Karalexis
Cinci and Ken Karegeannes
Elena and Teodor Lachev
Lisa and Doug Long
Kim and Jerry Lowe
Jan and Aaron Lupuloff
Florence and Joe Luranc
Amy and Lewis Massey
Laurie and Jimmy McLeroy
Janet and Angus McRae
Dawn and Robin Muchow
The Nancy Minor Team
Tracy and Pat O’Leary
Laura and Shahin Razavi
Rhonda and Lamont Ross
Elizabeth and Chris Saunders
Marsha and Adam Shapiro
Karen and Barry Schnur
Peter Scourtis and Raychel Robbins
Gail and Gary Silvers
Kendra and Paul Stinson
Beth and Dave Strickland
Elket and Darrell Swope
Polly and Bill Tabeling
Jackie and David Thunhorst
Diana and Gary Volino
Betsy and John Wilber
Chrisann and Andy Wilkes
Wendy and Mark Willis