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A special thank you to all of our 2018- 2019 Challengers

Page and Lisa Aspinwall
Adam and Mindy Appel
Erik and Nancy Balkan
Will and Lyn Bishop
Jim and Kristina Blum
Charles and Lucinda Burts
Adam and Diane Cabibi
Bob and Jenny Chapin
David Chen and Chenchen Hsiao
Eric Christ and Maureen McIvor
Jason Day and Cherlon Mathias-Day
Ty and Jennifer Dealy
Jed and Carrie DeLong
Jatin and Hetal Desai
Bob and Gretchen Gartin
Weare and Amber Gratwick
David and Sandy Greenstein
Paul and Elizabeth Gross
David and Suzanne Grosswald
Brad and Kimberley Hale
Kevin and Lisa Hallam
Tye and Stephanie Hanna
Bill and Kim Hartselle
Wade and Cindy Hatcher
Bryan and Kara Herron
Michael and Shannon Howe
Dave and Laura Huffman
Eric and Rinda Ilustrisimo
Mike and Kim Janis
Howard and Sally Jetmundsen
Shane and Alison Johnson
Bill and Shari Kent
Kyle and Jane Kotake
Kenji and Rachelle Kuramoto
Russ and Tina Little
Aaron and Jan Lupuloff
Sergio and Elizabeth Magana
Eric and Jordan Mai
Jimmy and Laurie McLeroy
Don and Barbara Mettler
Donald and Bettilee Miller
Robin and Dawn Muchow
Pat and Tracy O’Leary
Stephan and Deanna Oster
Anthony Parker and Tia Owens-Parker
John and Kristy Parent
Harris and Purvi Patel
Ken and Darlene Penner
Jeff and Kelly Pettit
Eric and DeeDee Portman
Bo and Renee Reddic
David and Trish Reifenberger
Richard and Tara Ryan
Phil and Stephanie Sadd
Kevin and Jessica Sapough
​Bob and Diane Saville
Mark and Erin Scalese
Adam and Marsha Shapiro
Joe and Becky Siech
Henry and Jennifer Skurpski
David and Bettina Smalley
Kevin and Meredith Smith
Andrew and Taylor Sword
Jeff Thomas and Katarina Relja-Thomas
Gary and Diana Volino
Mark and Wendy Willis