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A special thank you to all of our 2019- 2020 Challengers

 Rachel and Toby Anderson
 Christy and Johnny Andrews
 Lyn and Will Bishop
 Lindsay and Andrew Brereton
 Jennifer and Jeff Brown
 Marcia and Rob Catterall
 Jenny and Bob Chapin
 Jennifer and Eric Craig
 Amanda and Keith Credendino
 Cherlon Mathias-Day and Jason Day
 Jennifer and Ty Dealy
 Carrie and Jed DeLong
 Meg and Brian Edwards
 Tiffany and David Ellner
 Gretchen and Bobby Gartin
 Sandy and David Greenstein
 Stacy and Bill Grogan
 Elizabeth and Paul Gross
 Suzanne and David Grosswald
 Lisa and Kevin Hallam
 Ellen and John Hamrick
 Stephanie and Tye Hanna
 Kim and Bill Hartselle
 Cindy and Wade Hatcher
 Karen and Keith Hendrix
 Kara and Bryan Herron
 Meredith and Scott Hilton
 Shannon and Michael Howe
 Laura and Dave Huffman
 Kim and Mike Janis
 Tina and Russ Little
 Kim and Gerry Lowe
 Jan and Aaron Lupuloff
 Jordan and Eric Mai
 Maureen McIvor and Eric Christ
 Jodi and David McMahon
 Elizabeth and Jesse McMillan
 Tracy and Pat O’Leary
 Deanna and Stephan Oster
 Tia Owens-Parker and Anthony Parker
 Harris Patel
 Alice and Nicholas Perrins
 Susan and Mike Petrik
 DeeDee and Eric Portman
 Tara and Richard Ryan
 Stephanie and Phil Sadd
 Jessica and Kevin Sapough
 Erin and Mark Scalese
 Marsha and Adam Shapiro
 Jennifer and Hank Skurpski
 Bettina and David Smalley
 Meredith and Kevin Smith
 Taylor and Andy Sword