January 30, 2015
Unique Community Commitment Continues in Norcross

$21,500 in Teacher Grants and Instructional Funds Awarded by Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence

If you were in attendance at the recent Norcross vs. Duluth high school basketball games, you heard the volume of applause when this year’s teacher grants were announced.  Norcross played at home that evening in the House of Blue, and the Blue Devil crowd was quite vocal as $21,500 in grants and instructional funds were awarded to Norcross High by the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence.  “Our faculty is excited about the classrooms grants the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence awarded. This is another example of how our community supports excellence in our school” explains Principal Will Bishop.  “We appreciate the generosity of the Foundation and our community. The support we receive is tremendous.”

The nationally recognized school is diverse, with an International Baccalaureate program boasting high achievement in academics, arts and athletics.  The school’s students and faculty are also the fortunate beneficiaries of a surrounding community that continues to offer a level of commitment that positions students, tomorrow’s leaders, with opportunities to “win” inside and outside the classroom.  “ “It’s a great time to be a Blue Devil” is a recurring statement often heard in our Norcross community,” states Foundation Co-President Elizabeth Gross.  “There is a strong partnership between the NHS Foundation and Norcross High School.  With an ongoing commitment to support the academics, arts and athletics at Norcross High, the entire student body benefits and a culture of excellence is continually fostered.  “We believe that we will win” is another often heard chant and summarizes the culture of the school quite well.”

Thanks to the generous contributions from parents, faculty, alumni, community members, and the business community, the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence provided the $21,500 in grants to 29 teachers in 9 departments.   With this significant contribution, students will be afforded additional opportunities otherwise not possible.  In times of tight budgets, these grants provide teachers with vital resources to enhance student learning.  The greatest opportunity to impact student learning is in the classroom and with the additional support, the bar continues to be raised for our children.  A comprehensive summary of all the grant-funded requests is below.  View the impressive list of what has been provided to the faculty and students.

Since inception in 2001, the Norcross Foundation for Excellence has raised over $1.2 million dollars for reinvestment back into Norcross High School.  To learn more about the history of the NHS Foundation of Excellence, its mission, and how to become involved, visit the website at www.norcrosshighfoundation.org and “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nhsfoundation

Click here for summary of the 2014-15 Teacher Grants

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